How do you let your target consumer know about you?
How do you let them know how you will help them?


Digital marketing is now the most efficient and immediate media to build your brand, and drive traffic to your website. Multiple tools like geofencing, contextual search and IP targeting will now connect you personally, and cost efficiently, to consumers who have shown a need for interior design help and need your services

Advances in satellite and cloud technology now provide the opportunity for you to rifle messages to consumers on multiple devices like smart phones, tablets and laptops. Finding the right consumer is now easy using these basic search methods:

Frequency—Control frequency by limiting or increasing the number of times your ad is viewed

Behavioral—Target consumers based on their behavior and tracked interests online

Content— Only interact with a user interested in or viewing content relative to your business

Demographic—Target a specific age, income or gender when trying to reach consumers

You have the opportunity to create immediate ROI through the use of digital marketing. Campaigns can be initiated within days, and website traffic follows within hours.

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Special Designer Initiative
Hello to all interior designers!

A special offer to YOU...

Digital marketing is here, and successful designers are taking advantage of it across the country. Visionary Design Marketing now offers a special introduction to this effective marketing tool with the following program...only for interior designers!

Here's what it means to you:

  • Tell us who you want to target - We'll help you define your prospect base by demographic, behavior, geography and personal interests.
  • We'll use multiple ad images to send your message to those targeted prospects.
  • You will reach, you will "touch" more than 100,000 of those prospects...every month!
  • We will guarantee clicks to your website!

Multi-tiered programs are available depending on the extent of your marketing needs. We use the tools of digital marketing and offer a special, easy to implement, 3 month program to introduce you to the value of this media. Hundreds of leads, and clicks to your website are the result!

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I look forward to talking with you about this new, cutting edge marketing tool!

Mike Peterson