Design Harmony: The Science in Design

Designers…do you know that you improve the health of your clients?

Do they know?

Do you get credit for it?

Do you take credit for it?

Do you get paid for it?

Design Harmony is a designer’s ability to create, through beauty, design and wellness.  Design Harmony is a human centric process and is born from the aesthetic requirements of the human organism.

The Convergence of Design and Neuroscience

“The Truth is that aesthetic experiences are hard wired in all of us.  They are evolutionary imperatives, encoded in our DNA a an essential part of our humanity.  An they are fundamental to our healthy, well-being and learning.”

Susan Magsamen
Executive Director, International Arts+Mind Lab, Johns Hopkins University

Science now documents the fact that beauty and design are essential to our health…we seek them out.

“Architects and designers have a greater ability to improve public health than medical professionals.”
Dr. Claudia Miller
UT School of Medicine, San Antonio

It’s no longer just theory. It’s now proven. It’s fact.  The medical industry is now aware of the benefits of good design.

Design Harmony is the idea that when interior designers create environments that are beautiful and well-designed, health and wellness are the results.

The VDM Design Harmony curriculum teaches the following important concepts:

  1. New Terms—Biophilic Design, Organized Complexity, Fractal Beauty, Neuroaesthetics, Shinrin Yoku, Environmental Psychology
  2. Medical and scientific studies that document how beauty and design improve health
  3. Workplace Design: Why is it more advanced in providing health-based design?
  4. Client Consultation: What do designers need to learn from their clients to provide better health!
  5. Marketing the health benefits designers provide…how to get the word out.

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August 19th, 2021

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