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I’m Mike Peterson. Thank you for visiting Visionary Design Marketing.

Congratulations! If you’re ready to make your marketing and business dreams come true, you’ve come to the right place.

You’re unlikely to find an individual whose track record of proven success has entirely revolved around the design industry specifically. As a business coach, personal brand specialist and keynote speaker, I have been personally rewarded to see both firms and individuals grow to levels they had not thought possible. My reward is always when I see that “light bulb” moment when you say, “Yes, we did it!” Yes, this can really happen, especially since you’ve already taken the first step simply by landing here on my website.

Your talent is what drives me to create, with you, marketing programs that will elevate you until you soar. It starts with me listening. Intently. It continues with you understanding “who you are” as you fine tune your business. The process culminates when we develop marketing plans that achieve your long-term vision and goals.

Hiring a marketing specialist is the beginning of a lasting relationship. You want someone who will LISTEN. Someone who will work CLOSELY with you, be by your side and conquer every challenge, hold your hand and have your back. Someone who will be as genuinely excited as you with YOUR SUCCESS.


Mike Peterson


Passion, experience and commitment to brand marketing.

Business Coaching

Mike’s extraordinary experience in the design industry makes him a real value to designers and local design businesses. His unique perspective helps you set goals, manage your business, and market and sell your brand in the design industry. His numerous case studies will help you see how you, too, will benefit from a carefully managed and strategic approach to growing your business.

Brand Identification

“Who am I” and “What do I stand for”…the answer to these two questions is where all great businesses start. They are questions that all businesses should be able to answer, but, few can. Mike Peterson will take you on a brand identification journey that will help you understand what drives you and your business. This eye opening process will benefit all management and will lead your business in a collective and cohesive manner.

A few kind words from Visionary Design Marketing Clients

Sherry Lee
Sherry Lee
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Jaime Blomquist
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Sarah Zohar

Design Harmony

Design Harmony: Design’s Influence on Health and Wellness

Designers, your designs make your clients healthier.
Do they understand that?

An exciting development in the design industry today is the recognition that great design improves health and wellness in the home. Design Harmony is a curriculum that proves design is more than just aesthetics. YOU actually improve the health of clients by providing good design. For more information..

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the fastest growing media in the world of interior design. With digital marketing you  connect with, exactly, the consumer you want to reach!  You define your target consumer and then connect with them directly. The range of devices used…smart phones, tablets, laptops…afford you the ability to send promotional messages to your highly targeted prospects… For more information…


Mike Peterson is a spirited and inspiring keynote speaker in the world of design. His many workshops and seminars are regularly considered the best of show, and attendees leave his talks with a fresh understanding of the topic. Mike “relates” in a way that allows his seminars to connect in a personal manner with the audience. All of Mike’s workshops and seminars are highly interactive and engaging.

Mike regularly speaks at TISE, Bold Summit, IFDA functions, ASID events, ADAC, and Dallas Market Center. 


Material and content for all seminars comes from personal experience and is provided by leaders in the world of brand marketing and design. Content from industry, universities and governments is included in my seminars. 



As a leading brand marketing executive and publisher of the esteemed national shelter publications House BeautifulandCountry Living, Mike worked with both regional and national brand marketers and advertising agencies.

As publisher at LUXE Magazine for nearly a decade , with his guidance and unwavering support, the LUXE brand exploded both in popularity, brand recognition, and increased sales. In this capacity, Mike developed close relationships with luxury design firms, design centers and interior designers in helping them grow their businesses.

Mike’s stellar resume includes leadership roles at some of the most established and beloved furniture brands in the nation. He served as president and CEO of LaBarge Furniture, vice president of corporate marketing for Lifestyle Furnishings, (with Henredon, Drexel Heritage and Lexington Home Brands among others under its umbrella). He was also owner/CEO of Madison Square Furniture.

Mike appears regularly as a keynote speaker at TISE, Bold Summit, IFDA functions, ASID events, ADAC and Dallas Market Center.



So, what can Visionary Design Marketing do for you?

Are you at a crossroads? Do you want to improve the way you relate and market to your target audience? Do you want to start using the newest and most technologically-advanced marketing tools available online today? Prepare to not only learn the answer to these burning questions but also receive the following tools crucial to the success of any organization looking to shine in today’s vibrant, yet competitive industry climate. 


working closely with you to help set goals, manage your business, and develop marketing and sales strategies.

As your business coach and advocate , Mike will inspire and motivate you to see the TRUE VALUE you provide your customers. Your eyes will open to a new appreciation of who you really are, and, in turn, open up a world of possibility in ways you never dreamed.



Evaluate your current marketing programs. What works? Should focus, and dollars be redirected to increase return?

Dig deep and Discover. Soul searching examination of your company by you and your entire management team to dissect your brand.

What makes you different? Analysis of your competition identifies your points of differentiation and key advantages.

Create new marketing and promotional plans. Do your strategies work together? Is your brand message supported throughout? LAUNCH!


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