February 2021

You may have noticed that in this space, Mike Peterson, Founder and President of Visionary Design Marketing, has graced our pages with his insights for the second month in a row. 

Peterson’s focus is all about branding:

  • how to understand and hone your brand (January)
  • marketing your brand (February)
  • and real-time application of some of his insights with clients (coming in March).

Our “Case Study” next month will include an in-person Zoom with Peterson and some of the designers who’ve benefited from his expertise for an interactive approach along with this feature. 

We kicked off this series with Peterson, as his credentials as a business coach, personal brand specialist and keynote speaker are well-known in the design industry. 

Says Peterson, “My reward is always when I see that ‘light bulb’ moment when you say, ‘Yes, we did it!'”  


Be a leader.

Position yourself as ahead of the curve when it comes to advances in our industry. 

Several of my clients are exploring the new wearable technology that helps them gauge physical and emotional response to images and design…

“Effective Marketing today requires the use of all media.  A carefully balanced and weighted investment will position your Brand Personality for acceptance by your target audience.”

-Mike Peterson


By Mike Peterson,
Founder of Visionary Design Marketing
To learn more, go to: VisionaryDesignMarketing.com


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