January 2021

Are you a brand? 

Do you think of yourself that way?

We live in a world of brands.

They surround us.

They influence us.

We don’t drive cars; we drive BMWs.  We don’t stop for coffee; we stop for Starbucks.  You don’t have a glass of water; you’ll sip an Evian, a Perrier or maybe a Fiji.

If the world can find a way to brand water, just imagine what you can do to brand your particular talents and vision.

Imagine what it must be like to be a non-brand in a world of brands.

Which begs the question, what makes you special?

Are you a brand?

Let’s take a look at this phenomena called branding.

By Mike Peterson is the founder of Visionary Design Marketing, a branding and marketing firm servicing the designer community.

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