Episode #219 – the  Wingnut Social Podcast

What is the easiest way to brand your design business?

How do you stand out from the crowd enough to land clients?

Mike Peterson has spent most of his career in the world of publishing with magazines like Country Living, House Beautiful, and Luxe.

He loves all things marketing, branding, and interior design. He has the unique experience to help interior designers set themselves up for success with the right branding for who they are.

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You are your brand—not just a commodity

We are surrounded by brands. They’re prevalent in our lives. Starbucks. Armani. Grey Goose. BMW. Fuji. Mike emphasizes that “If the world can find a way to brand water, think about what we can do with all of the talent listening to this podcast right now.” What is it like to not have a brand in a world of brands? 

A lot of people overthink their brand. A brand is not what you do, it is a relationship. Who is your best friend? Why is that person your best friend? You’re likely using subjective and emotional words based on relatability. The most important people are important because of emotional relationships. That is the foundation of brand marketing.

Identify the value and the personality characteristics of who you are—not what you do. Mike believes that “A lot of designers design. But every designer has a unique personality of their own. You will attract people of like mind as a result.” 

How can Mike and his team help you differentiate yourself in the marketplace? Listen to hear their genius process for narrowing down your brand!

How to differentiate yourself

Mike shares that you can’t be afraid to ask for help. Business management and marketing aren’t taught in design schools. Mike has a three-phase process with his clients. They talk with a designer about their brand and their personality. But they go out and talk to 12–15 of the designer’s clients (whether by Zoom or in-person). One of the questions they ask is, “How do you feel as a result of what the designer did for you?” That question provides gold nuggets to understand what the designer has done. They get responses like:

“I felt heard”

“She fought for us.”

“I’m at peace.”

Your marketplace and audience become the foundation for your marketing process. The website begins to write itself. Don’t just depend on what you think your brand is. Reach out and ask your client or get a third party involved.

Does the service you provide take a backseat? Is there value in magazine marketing?

Listen as Mike shares how to showcase your brand the right way.

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