Mike Peterson: Leveraging Design’s Influence on Health & Wellness to Increase Your Value Proposition

Podcast Episode 569 of A Well-Designed Business®


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LuAnn is joined today by Mike Peterson, an experienced marketing and brand consultant who wants to emphasize an opportunity that our community of interior designers seems to be completely missing out on, and that’s the power they hold to improve the health of their clients through health and wellness design.

Yes, you heard that right! Mike is here to explain why this is no longer anecdotal.

Mike Peterson is founder of the innovative marketing and brand firm, Visionary Design Marketing.  Visionary Design Marketing’s goal is to help companies create tailored, strategic, and effective communications that are founded in a clear understanding of their brand. Brand development is rooted in a customers understanding of a designer’s brand and includes new website, social media communications tools, and the new targeted digital tools such as geofencing, microproximity targeting, and display contextual search.

Visionary Design Marketing is currently leading a developing education in our industry… that interior designers provide much more than aesthetics..they improve the health of their clients!

Mike Peterson’s experience is rooted in years as a leading advertising executive and Publisher at Hearst Magazines, including House Beautiful and Country Living, working with leading national advertisers. Mike’s experience in the home furnishings industry includes President/CEO of LaBarge Furnishings and as Vice President of Corporate Marketing for such companies as Henredon, Lexington, Drexel Heritage, and more. Prior to Visionary Design Marketing, Mike  spent 8 years as Publisher of Luxe Magazine. In this role, Mike guided LUXE Magazine into a market leader and served the design industry by helping interior designers, design centers, and luxury design firms better grow marketing strategies for their businesses.

Show Highlights:

  • Designers do not get credit for improving both the physical and mental health of their clients.
  • Mike wants to teach designers how to take credit for this “Design Harmony” that is not just a concept, but is now proven by studies the world over.
  • Designers should start including the health benefits of design into their marketing. This will also allow them to increase their hourly rate and overall revenue.
  • Mike explains the physiological changes that take place when we’re pleased with our surroundings.
  • Mike provides designers with the information they need to build a better business using brand differentiation.
  • Terminology that you need to know: environmental psychology, sensory design, chromotherapy, neuro-aesthetics, shinrun-yoku, and biophilic design.
  • Mike offers a CEU class on Design Harmony. There is also a section on how to begin marketing yourself as a health and wellness-based design firm.
  • Once designers have a conviction of their real value proposition, they can then start marketing themselves with confidence using all of the correct terminology.

For more information, contact Mike Peterson of Visionary Design Marketing.)

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